My name is Clinton Kibuuka, I was born in Kampala, Uganda. Starting to learn the arts of acrobatics, circus and gymnastics at the age of seven years, I developed my stage name “Ssifu Skyboss”.


Originating from one of the poor slums of Kampala, I experienced a great positive change in my life through the arts.


I am a vibrant and creative performer and an inspiring teacher for circus, fitness and acrobatics.


To give back to my community in Kampala, I started the “Bwengula-Arts-Academy”, a project where street children learn different circus disciplines. My dream is to create a safe haven for these vulnerable children and contribute to a positive social change in his origin community.


As a performer, I traveled to China, Eritrea, Egypt and Germany.


I currently live in Dresden, Germany with my family, where I also be giving Juggling/Acrobatic and Fitness classes. 

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